Programming Your Station


Your Station's Programming

A Specific Marketing Goal For Your Station

The People Who Will Run Your Station

The programming on your internet radio station should be created based on what the niche of your business's customer is.  Think about what your niche customer would want to hear on the radio.  What are your niche customers' hobbies?  What does your niche customer do for a living?  These questions will steer you in the right direction when creating programming.


The People Who Will Run Your Station

A Specific Marketing Goal For Your Station

The People Who Will Run Your Station

Think about the people in your organization that have good public speaking skills.  Think about the people in your company that have their finger on the pulse of your niche customer's interests.  Think about the people representing your brand that have interesting opinions and can carry out long conversations.  These are the people in your organization you want running your brand's radio station.


A Specific Marketing Goal For Your Station

A Specific Marketing Goal For Your Station

A Specific Marketing Goal For Your Station

Have a specific marketing goal in mind for your radio station that isn't just providing engaging content for your potential customer base.  Maybe the goal is to drive revenue and sales.  Maybe the goal is to engage your potential repeat customers to create lifelong relationships with them.  Make sure every one on staff knows what the goal is, and the plan to attain it.

Why Should Your Brand Market With An Internet Radio Station?


Cut through the noise.

How many of your competitors have their own radio stations?  Since content marketing is now king, and no form of marketing has ever beat audio for branding, why not combine the two concepts to create the ultimate marketing tactic for your brand? Talk directly to your audience without the interruptions from your competitors.


They're your commercials.

When it comes time for your DJs to take a break in the middle of delivering highly engaging content to your niche customer,  then it's time to market your company's products to them.  Have your sound engineers and talent create pre-recorded commercials for your internet radio station promoting your company's products to run during your ad breaks.


Combine it with your social media.

Your brand's social media accounts are probably already the most important part of your marketing strategy currently.  What if you could use the strength of your social media accounts to drive your followers directly to a radio station you control running content that you control 24/7?  Would that have a huge impact on your marketing and sales?

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